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Monday, August 11, 2014

CbL Tank Top & Flip Flops, Gemini, Woman From Tokyo and Julia Roberts 1967

Oh people.  It's that time of year again when the new Fall color collections start coming out.  It's the one season I can't be on a no buy for.  There are already so many new browns out there-OPI has 3! So yeah, I'm off my no buy, but still trying to control myself.

Here's my need list so far.  7 of the Nordic OPI, 3 Zoya (but most likely will not get), 3 Rescue Beauty Lounge, 3 Enchanted Polish, and there are new CbLs coming out later this month and most likely will need a few of those.  I remember back when I first started doing this nail polish thing, I would buy every single new collection that ever came out of all the brands.  Now, I'm more selective and better at picking the ones I know I will get use out of.  I haven't bought OPI in quite some time as they aren't one of my more favorite brands, but these Nordic colors are amazing!

Checkers seem to be doing better.  She is off all her medicine, eating her new special food and more playful than she's been in a while. I got a message from the vet office last night saying the vet didn't want to see her after just a week on the food, but after a month.  I'm not sure why she's changed her mind, as she was pretty adamant that she be seen after one week on the food.  I've left a message for the vet to call me so I can see what's up.  The thing is, I have my vacation coming up and need to know Checkers is ok before I go.

All right, let's check out today's silly bottle shot.

This is Colors by Llarowe Woman From Tokyo, Tank Top & Flip Flops, Gemini and Julia Roberts 1967. Nope, I don't get the name on that last one.

I started with Tank Top and Julia.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Are you freakin kidding me?????? Look how gorgeous these two are together!  Now Julia is NOT a holo, but a shimmer fest and I love it.

Next I took inspiration from another Instagram account called Rikiki.  She did this very mani using black and white.  I thought I could rock it with these colors.  I used tape and the other two colors, added some studs and voila.

Indoor Sun

How cool is this????? I'm telling you, I am in love with this.  Simple and yet so awesome!

What Fall colors are you lemming?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?