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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camo Dots and a Nail Fail

You know when you're doing a nice mani and you have that cool idea in your head as to what it should look like? Then you actually do the steps and realize you F'd it all up and should have stopped while you were ahead?  Yeah this is that post.

I had such visions of grandeur, had seen this idea on Instagram and thought I can do that.  I've come to realize however, that perhaps one of the reasons I'm not more popular, besides the fact that I don't have pretty nails, is that I don't make wise color choices.  I don't know if that is learned or something you're born with.  I see these amazing manis-some not even that difficult, and I think why can't I come up with that? Or why can't I come up with those awesome color palettes?

Seriously people, is there a trick to it?  I think I pick some pretty cool colors and get all excited and then when they are actually on my nails, it's not all that great sometimes.  I actually commented on an account about this asking why I don't make better color choices.  I really wasn't given a good answer.

Do you know the answer? I'd love to know.

Anywho, I was smart enough to take pictures of the middle step, which is the one I ultimately used on IG-not the fail as I am trying to gain followers not scare them off!

Here is your silly bottle shot.

Yup-all colors I love.  This is OPI Alpine Snow (did you know My Boyfriend is GREY?), Bettina Cheer, Brown and Camel, Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate, Elevation Polish Episote 2 and Colores de Carol Holo Blast.

I started with Snow and Camel with Holo on top.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Pretty so far right?  I next added a ton of dots with the rest of the colors.  Here is that step.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Oh yeah people, I so should have stopped here.  This is a cool mani isn't it?

But oh no! I had to go on, because I thought it was a good idea.  Now the premise is to add lines on top of the dots, so the dots peek through.  It was a cool idea that I saw on IG-but again, my color choice was not the best.  It was too sheer, so I had to glom it on, I waited too long to remove the tape, hence lifting off the base polish leaving naked.

Not so pretty what so ever.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now this Episote 2 is a stunner for sure! I so love puke green colors-but it was just not a one coater, which I didn't know as it was new to me.  Had I picked a one coater, this would have maybe turned out better.

I also added another layer of Holo and I think that ruined the cool dots leftover.

So an allover fail in the end, that could have been avoided had I just stopped after the dots.

What do you think?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?