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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Technically when you read this, I will already be home from vacation, had hair dye day and had my first medical facial.  In reality though, those things haven't happened yet as I am writing this while still on vacation listening to the ocean waves.

Again, I was not feeling the nail art as my parents and I have been out and about shopping etc.

We went to the outlet stores and I got me a new Coach purse.  I really needed a bigger one as the one I got here two years ago just wasn't doing it for me.  Then I got new scrub pants for work, new shoes for work-these are things I stock up on when I come here and get them super cheap at the outlets.

Then I went to Jockey to get my undies stocked up.  My heart was broken when they told me they no longer make the undies I love.  Why oh why world do all the things I love get discontinued??  I asked what they now have that is similar.  I tried them on, they're ok-but get this-they don't come in white.  So what am I supposed to do?  Wear hot pink, blue or some weird color under my white scrubs?

Not happening my friend.

I am oh so sad.  I loved these undies.  I can't go into details-well I can, but I'm not gonna, as to why this particular style was important to me.  Just know that I now have no idea what I'm gonna do.  I don't want to go back to granny briefs, or Walmart 6 packs.  These Jockey ones made me feel good-and now that is gone.

Yes people, I'm devastated over underwear.  Welcome to my world.

Anywho, then we went to the used bookstore, where I traded in a huge bag of about 35 books for more books.  We went to our favorite place called Overtime to play Buzztime-which is a trivia game.  We sucked bad the first day we went. Luckily, no one else was playing against us.

Yesterday, we met up with a bunch of my aunts.  One of whom religiously reads my blog.  So a shoutout to Aunt NeeNee!  Today, we will be hitting yet another bookstore and another round of Buzztime.

So you see, I haven't had time to do fancy nail art even if I wanted to!

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun

This is Enchanted Polish As If, I'm Kind Of A Big Deal and May 2013.  A glorious pink day.

If you know of any undies similar to Jockey Naturals Hipsters-PLEASE let me know!

PS When did it become March already?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?