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Friday, March 14, 2014

All Love Garden

I finally received my latest lemming in the mail.  It had arrived all the way from Singapore!  It is so awesome I just couldn't put anything on top of it at this time.

First, more stupid work stuff.  So I told you how my office had been moved to the basement.  Well, now we share the staff bathroom with another department.  I rarely use this bathroom, so I was unaware of the drama unfolding in there.

You are not going to believe this crap.

My coworker brought in a small cabinet to keep her toothpaste, hairspray etc in this bathroom.  It was small and unobtrusive.  Remember this is a work environment. Apparently, someone from this other department was offended by this cabinet. Leaving a note asking if they were going to be charged money to use these toiletries. My coworker wrote back simply stating you are welcome to use anything here, but please replace it if needed.

Next thing that happened was that other staff member put a big jar on top of the cabinet with a note on it telling people to leave money if they use these toiletries.  My coworker in turn filled it up with candy canes as it was around Christmas time.

Then the coup de grace-the other day, the cabinet and it's contents disappeared. Gone, never to be seen again.  My coworker left a note calling out this person saying they're nothing more than a common thief and please return my cabinet.

What are we five years old?????  It's not your bathroom, it belongs to the hospital.  I just don't understand how this staff member could get so offended by a small cabinet tucked in the corner of a public, staff bathroom.  I think the whole thing is so freakin ridiculous and sad.

I just don't understand why people act so stupid.

My other short story is that my car's inspection was past due.  It was due in February and it's now March.  I was worried I was going to need tires, a very expensive thing I just can't afford right now.  Seems the law is if the tread is <2/32 of an inch, you don't pass inspection and need new tires.  Mine are at 5/32!  So luckily I can wait another 10,000 or so miles before having to buy new ones.

Anywho, here is my lemming du jour.  This is Enchanted Polish All Love Garden and Liquid Sky Lacquer Glistening Coral.  Make no mistake, the pink is NOT the lemming!

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun

Isn't this the most gorgeous green holo you've ever seen?????  I sure think so.  I do like these two colors together-I may have to do this again and some art next time.

What do you think of my latest work drama?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?