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Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Pastel Fun

Yes I am still trying to get Spring here with more pastels.  I mean the calendar says Spring arrives in a few days and where the heck is it?

So the big announcement at work last week?  That the powers that be will be monitoring computers to see who is on social media or non work related sites during the hours of 10-3pm.  So I guess that means that if I'm on there after 3 I'm good right?  Who the hell knows.  What I do know is that I used to read my blogs at work when I had a couple minutes to spare.  The Feedly program doesn't let me leave comments if I'm using my ipad or iphone.  I've tried to tell them, but they don't care.  So I apologize to my blogs out there-until I find out if this is really true, I can't take the chance.

What I don't get is-if they're so worried we are on Facebook-why not just block it like they have many sites on our computers at work, such as dating sites and porn.  Makes me think the people who are supposed to be watching us are actually on Facebook.


Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Square Hue Yellow Submarine, Groovy Love and Flower Power.

I started with Yellow and Flower.

Yes Winter is killing my hands and nails.  I now have two nails that are ugly as sin and had to be covered up. My gel is needing to be fixed every few days and I didn't sign up for that.  I'm getting tired of doing the gellin.

Next I took my brushes and doodled.  Here are the results.

I've been using my Konad stamping polish for the designs as I'm still unable to use regular polish so far.  I am LOVING this mani!  I think the colors are perfect together and the design is simple yet very cool.

What do you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?