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Monday, July 15, 2013

July Snow

Oh man.  I have spent the past two hours in front of this computer trying to figure out Google +.  It is such a not user friendly thing that I do believe it has beaten me. It doesn't like that my profile name is my blog title and I refuse to use my proper name on a public forum. Why do you think I go by Fingers on here instead of my real name?  I tried to appeal Google's intention to delete my profile unless I change the name but instead decided to delete the whole profile.  I apologize to the four who were actually adding me to their circles.

I did create a Google + page, which you can do, but now I can't figure out how to have the posts from this blog automatically post to that page.  The only way I can find so far is if I create a Google + profile and then we are back to the original problem.

Does anyone out there know how to fix my problem?  I would be so grateful!  I cannot believe I just spent two hours on this crap!  Are there really enough people out there who want to follow me on Google + to be worth this hassle?  Tell me your thoughts people!

Since I spent so much time messing with that, I now have not the patience to type anything else.  I do have a funny for you.  A couple of good online dating pick up lines.  One was "I like the way your clothes fit."  This I read as "nice rack."  The other was Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Nothing else just one word with a ton of Ys.  Yeah that'll get my attention piqued.

Now before we get to said silly bottle shot, you must retrain your brain to see these colors shown as purple, not the blue my camera insists on.  Thank you.

Here we go.

This is OPI Vant To Bite My Neck, Enchanted Polish Castle on a Cloud and Essie She's Picture Perfect.

The sun had decided to stay hidden until I had finished this mani.  Isn't that how it always is?  Anywho, I started with Perfect and an accent of Vant.  Here are the starting shots.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite
My poor nails are so bad off right now.  They are filed down to the quick and a couple are painful.  I am halfway there to growing out all the damage and this is the not pretty stage.  I figure by the holidays, I should be better.

I next stamped with the opposite color using Cheeky jumbo plate 6 Happy Holidays. It's the only plate I haven't tried yet and I was in the mood for my favorite snowflake pattern.  Here is that step.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite
Pretty cool so far right?  I next added a layer of Castle, which is a shimmer color change top coat.  It is gorgeous and I thought would add a snow like sparkle.  I finished it off with my funky, and this is when the sun decided to come out!  Here are the results.


Ott Lite

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun

Close Up

So what do you think?  Didn't that Castle add just the right amount of snow sparkle?  I am totally in love with this sparkle big time!

Do you do Google +?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?