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Monday, April 23, 2018

Colors by LLarowe Chasing a Unicorn & Hearts on Fire

Let's talk life.  I got my AARP application in the mail the other day.  Just another reminder that I will be hitting the half century mark in four days.  Sh*t.  Mom says it's not really worth signing up for. I actually paid the $16 to get the free sporty tote and then will decide whether to cancel or not.

Work has decided that they are going to expand the nurse navigator role to include all cancers. Which is kind of funny, because just a few short years ago, they had decided that navigators were not necessary and was about to dismantle the whole program.

What's also funny, is I'm the only one left that has been there through all this.  I'm about to take bets at work for how long the new one will last.  She and the other breast navigator got into it on Friday. Something about how she can only learn through structure etc, but our job is learn on the fly and figure it out sort of thing.

When I started there in 2009, I had no oncology experience at all.  None.  I figured it out.  I read a lot, I asked a lot of questions.  This chick is acting like she can't even do that, but apparently sold herself as self motivated and a quick learner in her interview.  She also spends her day surfing the net when she could be trying to learn something.

You're going to love this.......

The new chick can't convert millimeters to centimeters.  And she's a nurse???? I've told you before that my only bias is stupid.  If you can't figure out how to convert a 10 to 1 ratio, or even have the wherewithal to Google it? And you're a nurse???? Yes I repeat myself as I just can't fathom how stupid this one is.

She also does not dress professionally, wears these awful worn out sneakers every day that just makes me cringe. She also cannot figure out how to read a pathology report to find the tumor size when there's an ENTIRE SECTION on the report dedicated to tumor size! I just shook my head and had thoughts of why oh why are you here?

They've also hired people that I totally disagree with.  People who have been in my department doing  different jobs and a sh*tty job at that.  Not doing what they're supposed to be doing, instead, spending their time gossiping and doing nothing.  This is what I told my boss.  Don't hire her as she doesn't even do the job she's in now.

But, who am I right?

Then there's the person whom no one likes that has been passed to no less than five different cancer clinics.  The doctors can't stand her, so she gets passed to another clinic.  She is now interviewing for the third time for yet another navigator position and they asked if I wanted to be in on the interview.

Why????  Been there, done that.  Why torture myself again?

Why do I need to reinterview someone who I know damn well is a pain in the a** and does the wrong thing over and over.  This is cancer.  This is not something to fake you know. It's life or death. She still doesn't know the difference between two very basic chemos.

And yet, she's allowed to continue.

Also, there is no place to put all these people being hired.  None.  My office is packed full of eleven cubicles all full in a tiny airless, windowless basement room.  No joke.  The boss keeps saying she doesn't know where they will all go, but it will be all fixed once the new building is built in 2020.

Ummmmmmm ok.

It's 2018 and the ground hasn't even been broken yet.  And yet, all these hires have no place to go.  The assistant to the boss sits next to the file room people as there is no office for them.  Are you getting what I'm saying?????

More to come on that.

Today we have an elusive so called white holo.  You put a layer of the base on first, topped off with Chasing a Unicorn white holo.  Shall we see if it is truly white? As all other white holos come out grey.

You start by doing a layer of white as a base.  Then topping with the holo. To me, it still leans grey.  Here is the bottle shot first.

Left is the white base, then the holo then the red holo.

I was going to show you before and afters, but I just realized that I screwed up and deleted the befores!  It's been a bad week people. You've no idea.

A quick synopsis: my iphoneX no longer syncs photos with my laptop.  I was on the phone last Monday for FOUR HOURS with Apple trying to fix it.  The dude literally killed my laptop and it already had bad issues from when I had tried Windows 10 then went back to 7. It was so dead, it wouldn't start, restart, nothing.  We had to go into safe mode and go from there.  He claims he used to work for Windows and knew what he was doing, but my laptop is f*cked.

The touchpad wouldn't work all sorts of things are now royally screwed.  So in the end, I had to upload to the Cloud, which I don't trust, over 2100 photos and since I don't have WiFi at my house, I had to leave my ipad as my internet, hooked to my laptop, locked in my desk uploading all thru the night.  When I got to work the next morning, luckily my sh*t didn't get stolen and it had only 130 photos left to upload.

I still don't get the whole upload, download Cloud thing.  Can anyone out there help me with that?

Anywho, since I had repaired my porch (see last post), I was going to wait and buy a new laptop next year.  Well because of this, I ordered a refurbished MACBOOK PRO.  It comes tomorrow. Yes people, I have solely become an Apple geek.  Now I am quite a wiz with Windows, but know nothing about the MAC OS.  So I sure hope there won't be too huge a learning curve for me.

What I also hope, is that it fixes the photo syncing issue and I can go back to that and not use the Cloud anymore.

Cross your fingers!

Now, onto the polish!!! I did my funky french for all you who've been with me for years.

Now this red is stunning.  Big time.  But the white holo is still not the white holo I was hoping for. Maybe next time, I will do two coats of the white base first.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?