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Friday, August 12, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Unorthodox Annie

I ended up having to take both of my cats to the vet this past week.  It's hard enough taking one cat to the vet, but two in the car at the same time? Insane.  Checkers is the truly awful one.  She pees, poops, pukes and foams at the mouth all while whining this awful sound.  Sam wouldn't make much sound except Checkers was freaking him out so he was whining too.

By the time I got to the vet, I admit I was pissed at them and yelling at them.  Stuff like, "yeah like I really want to spend my time off driving in the car with you." kind of stuff.  People were looking at me funny.  Then they made me wait almost forty minutes to be seen so that wasn't helping.

Finally we got to see the vet.  Checkers is brewing a bladder infection and I noticed the same signs she was doing back in April when I didn't know what was happening then.  She got antibiotics. Sam is still constipated and I needed the vet to tell me it is OK to give him laxative daily and what dose to give him.

Why? Because as of 9/3/16, I am on vacation and I don't want to have to worry about these two while I'm fishing.  Sam will just have to go a week without laxative as I certainly won't ask my neighbor to shove laxative down his throat like I do.  I needed the peace of mind so I can take off with little worry.

Guess who commented on my original NexGen post from 2014? Nails Inc nail polish! They were dissing that it's safe, that's it the filing that hurts your nails and I was like well duh, but it's Nails Inc!

Back when I was still buying every polish in sight, I was trying to get stuff from all over the world. Back then, you could only get Nails Inc in the UK.  This was before the ban on mailing polish from the UK started.  I still have those original bottles and they have their own place in my collection.

I may have to bring one out to wear for posterity.  That post has already gotten 41,585 hits since it posted in September 2014! I'm in shock.  But if you google NexGen, my blog comes up!

Oh and I've decided to clear out the inactive accounts on my Instagram.  I had 3800 followers, but would only get maybe 12 likes a post.  So I downloaded an app to clean it up.  It's going to take a few days, but when it's done, I should be right around 1000.  Unless I get rid of the ghost followers too. But I can't figure out if the people who look at my posts, but don't comment or like, are they considered ghost? Even though they were there?

I'm not blocking, just removing.  So if you should get deleted, please don't take offense!

Last update for today.  Last weekend, I spent about $30 downloading music I had on old cassette tapes from my youth in the 80s.  Jesus Jones, Jesus and Mary Chain, Souxsie, KonKan etc. I listen on the way to work and back as it's an hour each way.  I don't do shuffle as shuffle skips songs and plays the same ones over and over.

I listen A-Z so I hear every song. Do you know that a whole week of listening and not one new song has been heard yet???? It's killing me! So freakin my life.

All right, it's a purple day! Here is Colors by Llarowe Unorthodox Annie.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
First how freakin long are my nails here? Am missing them already! Anywho, this purple is stunning and I had missed this one!

What's new in your life? Talk to me people.  I've not gotten a comment in ages!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?