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Monday, August 15, 2016

Chanel Cavaliere

I'm sitting here chair dancing to "Insane in the Brain" by Cypress Hill.  I had TiVo'd their twenty fifth anniversary concert and watched it yesterday.  I was dancing in my living room. My cats were looking at me funny but I didn't care! Damn I've been listening to them for twenty five years!!! Makes me feel old-but yeah they still freakin rock!

I love Cypress Hill BIG time.  Since seeing that concert, I've been non stop listening to my collection and bought some singles I didn't have.  They are coming out with a new CD at some point too. Am excited for that!

So what should we talk about first? My evaluation or my stupid coworkers?

It may have to be split into two separate posts.

I had my evaluation last Thursday.  However, before I met with my boss, she had sent me the filled out evaluation so I knew what was coming.  At least I thought I did.  Another "fully meets".  Plus some negative comments from her.  I've never gotten my eval before meeting the boss.  I'm not sure if I like that or not.  I spent several days upset wondering if I'd try to fight the evaluation or not.

When I finally did meet with her, she was first off, apologetic that she hadn't checked on how I was doing for most of the past year. But then she said that I'm one that she doesn't have to check on as I do very good work and don't need to be watched.

Say what??????

Here I was sitting there thinking I'm about to be crushed when a total 180 happened.  She told me how great a nurse I am and that my patients love me and there are many surveys where patients actually state how awesome I treated them.  I've not seen any of these, nor even knew about these so I was taken aback.

We got into the fully meets vs exceeds rating.  I told her I felt I deserved an exceeds rating as I bust my a** and do more work in my 28 hours a week than BOTH of my two full time coworkers do. She actually agreed with me!

Say what??????

It seems that because I was under the impression that I wasn't even going to get this evaluation this year due to earlier meetings telling me that I've got a bad attitude that I filled out my self evaluation fast and furious not really putting any examples or documentation to prove I deserved an exceeds rating.  I asked, but it was too late to fix it for this year.

What she told me was to keep a file and every extra thing I do, to put it in that file and next year when I fill out my eval, to promote myself big time and I'd have the proof saved up from the past year.  I'm going to put in for exceptional which is the top rating and has to be signed off by the director of nursing not just my boss. Gonna aim high big time.

I have to say I did not expect this meeting to go this way obviously as I've told you all what I thought would happen.  I was definitely happy that she said those nice things about me.  It's validation for what I do.  I don't do it for the money.  I take care of dying cancer patients.  I want to make sure they are well taken care of and I think I do that.

I did ask her to get me those surveys so I can see exactly what people said about me. That would be a nice thing to save for a bad day sort of thing.

Since I've now rambled, the coworker update will be next post.  You will want to stay tuned!

Today we have Chanel Cavaliere.  A gorgeous chocolate brown shimmer.  I did not capture its beauty to the fullest.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Maybe I did capture its beauty in the second picture! To me, this is the perfect brown polish. You all know how I love me some brown!!!

Seems I got almost 800 hits this past Thursday.  Anyone know why?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?