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Friday, January 29, 2016

Makeup Geek Caitlyn Rose, Pixie Dust

Holy sh*t people.  I've upgraded to Windows 10 and I feel like I'm in another universe.  My blog page is all weird, the colors are off, the page was so wide I had to change the zoom just so I could see the margins.  Am I missing something that would correct this? I feel like I've been all through the settings and the control panel and hate how off the colors and the page size are.

Help me someone!

I'd also like to take a moment to thank all of you who sent me such nice thoughts and comments on my Christmas post.  That stuff really goes a long way in helping me know you are still out there reading my thoughts.  When it's been a while, I often wonder if I'm just talking to myself. So I thank you all for that.

The big blizzard is happening right outside my door at the moment.  It always kills me how people in the South react to snow.  They were originally predicting up to 33 inches of snow, I think I maybe got five, but I haven't been outside yet to measure or play in it.  You bet I'll be going out later making me a snow angel! The one issue is the wind at the moment.  I'm just hoping I don't lose power as that would suck.

Of course they made us go to work even though we had cancelled all the patients clinics, and just kept a few chemo appointments on.  But get this-neither the boss or her lackey showed up.  They took a snow day.  How messed up is that? I'm sorry, but you make me drive an hour wondering if I'll be able to get home and you can't be bothered to show up? That's not cool and not good for morale.

I was there three hours when the snow started and they told us all to go home.  I was literally going between 40 and 50 mph, doing the white knuckle thing as cars were flying past me.  Stupid jerks.  I'm from New York, I grew up driving in this crap. So I wasn't worried about my driving, I was worried some jacka** would hit me.  I passed three accidents on my way, one car flipped upside down in a ditch.  Gee stupid, you just had to speed  didn't you?

People never learn do they?

I almost wiped out once and that was in my neighborhood where it doesn't really get plowed and it was an almost 90 degree turn and I slid way off the road, but was able to get control and move on. I'm sure the person behind me who I'd just flipped off for being slow and stupid got a good laugh out of it. Chick was in a beemer (BMW) going literally 2 mph and I was not about to follow her for five miles at that rate of speed.  She pulled over to let me pass her when the finger flew.

She honked her horn at me in protest.  Whatever.

Now let's get to the eye looks.  Although I'm scared to see how it looks here on my Windows 10.

This is Makeup Geek Caitlyn Rose and Blacklight with Colour Pop Cry Baby and No Shame liners. This was the last photo I took where my eyes were so red that even Facetune couldn't fix it!

This is Makeup Geek Poison Ivy, Enchanted Forest and Pixie Dust with my LASHES! WOOHOO!

That's right people, the lashes are back! I am still loving the MAC 24 hour eye primer base too.  That sh*t is the bomb!

I hope you have liked these looks.  I have more coming!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?