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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Colour Pop Weenie, Shameless, Porter, Kathleen Lights

My mind works in the most f*cked up way sometimes.  This past weekend I was changing the sheets on my bed and my mind drifted to all the things I've replaced in my house.  From the roof, to the dishwasher, heating and AC etc.  My thoughts went to my hot water heater and I realized it was the oldest of the replacements I had done.  I figured that would be the next thing to go.

After I finished making my bed, I went to start my laundry and thought I'll just check out my hot water heater and the drip pan underneath.  To my horror, the drip pan was full of water and of course it's a Sunday and I'm freaking out wishing I had my dad to call and ask what to do.  I grabbed a bunch of my kitchen towels and started soaking up the water.  Now picture that I have to reach way back in a closet between the wall and my washing machine to get to this water.  Yeah, not an easy task.  I ended up having to use kitchen tongs to get the towels in and out.

I then called three different plumbers as I didn't know whether this was an emergency or could wait for a weekday so I wouldn't be paying way more for a weekend call.  Only one of the three called me back.  That pissed me off as they touted themselves as 24 hour emergency service plumbers.  Yeah right.

So the one who called me back told me it would cost roughly $1000 to install a new one! Like I could say no as you sort of have to have hot water am I right??? Holy sh*t people!  You see the last time I replaced it was 2003 and my ex husband and I had just gone to Home Depot bought one and my friend soldered it into place.  Now I don't have a husband, nor that friend to help me do this on the cheap. Plus apparently, the government has decided to put new regulations on new installations that will cost me more.

Since I got all that water up the hot water heater hasn't leaked at all.  Part of me is hoping he can just fix it and save me a lot of money, but it is fifteen years old and my county water is awful with minerals and stuff.  Dude is supposed to come today after hair dye day to install it.

Sad thing is, I was saving up for a new mattress that I desperately need.  Last one I bought was 1998 and I've flipped and turned that one til I got no fresh place to sleep on.  Hopefully, I'll get enough from a tax refund to pay for a new mattress.

I'm still wondering why I thought about my hot water heater at that time on that day.  I never check it ever.  I have hot water, all is good right?

Now onto eye looks.  Remember I told you no face looks for now.  I've decided to try Colour Pop eyeshadows as I'm loving their eye liners.  The one issue I have with the liners? The stupid lead falls out if you're not careful with the way you open the top.  Trust I've had to pick it up off the floor more than once to have now learned my lesson.

First eye look is from Kathleen Lights new collboration called "Where the Night Is." I used Weenie and Shameless.  Oh and these are best applied with your finger, or a synthetic brush as they are sort of creamy. I also used the liner DTLA.

Now this is without false lashes-these are my natural lashes. Hopefully, I can go back to falsies!

Now next up I used Porter and Kathleen Lights (the name of the shadow) with the Best O liner. I find I'm wearing that burgundy liner a ton.

I particularly love this one-the colors are just amazing to me. Again, my natural lashes and I've got to pay more attention to the lower lashes as macro shows off a ton of evils.

Oh and please know that the ONLY photoshopping done to these besides cropping is to whiten my eye whites. Until I figure out what I'm allergic to-it's a must.  I refuse to do a ton of stuff. This is my almost 48 year reality.  I have wrinkles, I have bags and dark circles. It makes for me being very unpopular on Instagram.  Screw them.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?