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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Bronze Eye

Has anyone out there upgraded to Windows 10? I'm able to upgrade my 7 for free but when I went online to do research it still has a lot of bugs to it.  Plus it looks totally different to me and yes I fancy myself pretty computer literate, but on my 7.  Not some way far out looking new desktop operating system.  If you use it and really like it, could you let me know???

I have totally gotten into Colour Pop cosmetics.  Their eye liners and now their super shocker eyeshadows are awesome!  I have six eye looks all ready to go to show you.  My issue is back again to the eye tearing, the shadow smearing and my eyes being totally red.  I think I may be giving myself pink eye over and over.

Yes Miss Erika, I am washing my brushes once a week!

I am truly thinking that I may just be allergic to the lashes and the glue all together.  Now I have been using the cheap human hair ones, but they are sterilized.  I'm wondering if the mink ones would be better? One thing that I do know, is that I have very long natural lashes.  I only sleep on my left side at night, so my photo eye lashes are the bomb where as my left eye lashes are all wonky from being slept on for years.

One other thing that has made my lashes so long? Latisse.

Oh yeah people, it's an expensive RX, but for me it works big time.  Right now I am using an RX that expired in 2009, so that may be contributing to my eye issues, so I have stopped that as well.  The other thing I just realized today is that the eye base most YouTubers use, which is MAC soft ochre paint pot is NOT an eye primer. It's an eye shadow.


Well paint me stupid.  Why is the beauty world using this as their eyeshadow base and primer? For me, it is not helping at all.  I will be buying MAC 24 hour eye primer and will be reporting back to you on that one.

So the six eye looks I told you about?  Most are without false lashes.

You be the judge.

Today I just wanted to do simple but also pretty.  I was going for a nice neutral with a pop of shimmer.

This is Makeup Geek Preppy, Taupe Notch and Mocha.  Colour Pop liners in Prance and Overboard. I love that little pop of blue and the shimmer of the bronze liner.

Here is the full face.

This is Ofra Americano liquid lipstick.

What do you think?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?