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Friday, March 6, 2015

EP Seven Nation Army, Paint It Black

So after I failed miserably with that gorgeous holo last post, there was no way I was going to do some difficult mani.  I was mad and didn't want naked nails.

So get this.  Woke up the other day to an email from some damn app called "Find My Friends" and an ex looking for me.  WTF! And you wonder why I spend a majority of my time on the internet as Fingers.  This is not what I want to happen.  And I'm mad that this stupid app not only has my name, but my personal email account.

It's scary what's out there and what information can be found out about you.

So my damn Chaos holos did not come as promised by the stupid USPS.  Yet it arrived in town the evening before and stated it would be delivered the next day.  All I can see is that it hasn't been scanned or moved in over 24 hours.  I was all ready to do the happy dance and now I'm stuck waiting.

OH and I found a new thing to try and play with.  Just placed an order on Amazon.  It's adult coloring books and something called Zentangle.  Now for $50 I can buy the official Zentangle box-huge no unless I really get into it. And no it's not naked people coloring books-not that kind of adult book you people out there with the dirty minds.

Yeah I'm looking at you.......

HEHEHEHE! I thought that a tiny bit myself when someone told me about it.  It's actually very detailed very intricate designs for adults to color.  I just ordered a book and some colored pencils as I just don't see myself as a gel pen person.  I also bought a beginner Zentangle book to see if I can draw worth a damn.

Right now I cannot.  At least on my nails.

I did not do a silly bottle shot as I was being lazy.

Get this though-I'm wearing glitter!


The sun decided to come out later so I snapped a couple of pictures with my iphone.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
See the holo happiness in there? And yes it's the return of my funky french!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Oh and this reminded me of how much I hate removing glitter since I have to use non acetone remover.  Took me almost a half hour to get this off!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?