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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bettina Yellow, Go Green, Cobalt and Believe

Can you tell it's a Bettina day?  I haven't played with my beloved Bettina in a long time.

So I told you guys a few posts ago that I was going to try the dry watermarbling thing on plastic wrap.  Guess what? I don't have any plastic wrap.  Whoops.  I do have plastic ziploc baggies so I pulled out one of those and tried to follow the video and it was a huge fail.  The colors wouldn't marble together even when I globbed it on the zippie bag.  I tried it a couple of times.

Huge fail.

What I decided to do instead was to make a bunch of polish decals and place them randomly on my nails.  Now that was an interesting thing.  I'm definitely going to have to try that again.

Just got the message that my Chaos holos are delayed.  Gee ya think? It had better be here on Monday or I'm gonna call and yell at someone.

Since I have nothing to talk about, let's get to it.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Bettina Yellow, Believe, Cobalt and Go Green.

I started with all Yellow.  I needed some sunshine as it was freezing rain and snow the day I did this.


Such a gorgeous yellow!  Now before I polished with this, I took the other three colors and painted squares of each on the outside of my ziploc baggie.  I need to buy plastic wrap! I topped that off with topcoat and left it to dry while I did the yellow.

After an hour, I took those squares and peeled them off the baggie and cut random shapes out of it. Sorry I forgot to take pictures! Then I placed them randomly on my nails.  I then added a thick layer of topcoat.  It's not pretty close up-I think I made the decals too thick, but from a distance it's pretty cool!


Definitely need some more practice with this technique, but it came out pretty cool!  Gives me ideas for other things.

Still can't figure out why I couldn't dry watermarble.  Dammit.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?