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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Had an Emergency-and Gellin' update

So you read about how I decided not to go into work because of the snow.  In reality, I could not get out of my driveway.  But then my baby Checkers started throwing up some kind of bad.  She was getting worse instead of better and I had to take her to the Emergency vet.  The rest of the normal vet offices were closed due to the snow.

I got my neighbor and her dad to come dig me out of my driveway.  Finally I got out and on the way.  It's an hour drive, mind you it's still snowing, the roads weren't the greatest and I have a sick cat in the back foaming at the mouth and crying because she hates to be in the car.  Yeah it was a fun ride.

Got her there, they took her right in.  Turns out, she had a blockage in her intestine due to being constipated. My poor baby was very brave, I was so scared it would be a tumor or something, due to the fact that she's 11.5 years old.  She's not a young kitty anymore.

I was a complete wreck and I admit that.  Checkers is my life, my baby and I'm going to tell you right now that when she does pass away someday, I will never be the same.

They wanted to keep her overnight for IV fluid, but I don't have that kind of money, the bill was already at $400! So they gave her an injection of fluid under her skin, gave her pain medicine and nausea medicine and let me take her home.  Total cost $430.

Once we got home, I could not get back into my driveway. My car was stuck and I just left it there at the bottom of my driveway.  Checkers was happy to be home.

She has finally gotten some poop out, I'm not sure the offending one is out yet, but she's not throwing up and she's back to her happy little self.  The bummer is, my other cat Sam is being a beeyotch and hissing and snarling at her whenever she gets near him.  He smells the vet on her and won't let her near him.  It's so sad at the moment because Checkers doesn't understand why her snuggle buddy doesn't love her right now.

I'm telling you right now though, he better get over it.  It's making me mad!!!!  Here she is in one of her many poses.

I'm just so glad she's ok. Now because of all this, I did not have time to do any art.

Here's an old picture of my driveway so you can see why I have so much trouble.  It's a long one on an incline.

You can see where my car is.  The end of the driveway is way down where you see the trees.  Maybe 30 yards or so?

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Llarowe Burnt Sugar, Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate and Enchanted Polish December 2013.

I started with skittles and had plans for other things, but life happens.  Here are the gorgeous brown holos though!


Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun
The sun pics were taken two days later, hence the tip wear.

I also have a gel update for you.  It has officially been a week since I applied the gel mani.  Here is a shot of my naked nails.

Yup, the damn Belgian Chocolate I just showed you stained my clear gel pink!!!  You can see though the growth I've had in just one week.  This picture I took after I did a little shaping, filing and regelling my tips and wrapping the free edge.  I am totally winging this.  I have no idea if that's ok or not.  You can see I have no lifting of the gel at all.

Some have told me to just backfill the gel like they do with acrylics instead of doing the acetone soak and total redo.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.

I do know I already have to retip the middle finger since I hit it and it tore away a bit of gel and nail.

I'll be in Myrtle Beach when this posts, and I'm bringing my kit with me.  I'll wait and see what I feel like doing.

Any one out there have any sage advice regarding this????

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?