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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blue Hearts

I guess you noticed that I added a jump to my last post.  It was a long one and I've been wanting to try it for awhile now and decided that was the one.  Does it annoy you? Does it not matter either way?  I know a lot of blogs use jumps, I've been told it may increase the traffic to your blog because now you have to click on the jump to read the rest of the story.  I have no idea if that's true or not.

Let me know your thoughts peeps!!

Damn I almost forgot!  I got so excited by all the joy in my last post that I forgot I haven't told you my latest work stuff.  Oh and it's good, I promise you!

Remember when I told you way back that they wanted my coworkers to do their tasks like I do?  Well those stupid meetings faded into the sunset and that never happened. Gee what a surprise there.  But the other day at work, I got a random email from someone I don't know.  She stated and I quote here, "your name came up in a meeting as an example of how new patient intake and case management really works around here.  Kudos to you! I was wondering if I could meet with you to get an idea of how you manage these patients as we are trying to better serve our population."

Holy Moly!!!!  I mean I knew I was awesome, but to have my name brought up at a hospital leadership meeting as someone who's doing the job correctly????  I was freakin out at my desk!  Of course, I can't tell my coworkers who share my job title because obviously that tells them they suck.  So I thought I'd share with you since I can't at work!  My mission is to find out who brought my name up, who was at the meeting and how high up the chain of command now knows about me.

I have to say, that really made my day.  It's always nice to get good feedback and to be told you're doing a good job.  I of course told this person I would love to meet with her and we set up a meeting.  I plan to grill her then!

Ok-now onto the mani at hand.

The sun wasn't shining and wasn't supposed to come out at all, so I perused my stash and found a long forgotten beauty.  Here is the silly bottle shot for today.

This is Elevation Polish Alphubel and Haba Xueshan.  I thought the little blue glitters would go great with this. I love this blue so much, I did a full mani with it.  You know that doesn't happen often since I discovered skittles!

Look closely and you will see the most gorgeous blue green shimmer running throughout this stunner.  I so wish the sun was out for this part!

Next I stamped using my new Cici&Sisi plate 2, then added Haba to the accent nail. Here is that step.


In this last picture, you can really see that shimmer in between the stamped design. Gorgeous!!!  Next since the sun made an appearance, I added a layer of Colores de Carol Holo Blast top coat.



Close Up-no holo

Close Up-holo

I have to say, I can't decide which version I like better. They are both stunning in my opinion!  These new Cici&Sisi plates are very cool as well. Very neat new designs.  I thought this a good one for Vday in a non pink way! Here is a picture of the plate I used.

So what do you think about my job coup? Do you hate the jump or not?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?