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Friday, August 16, 2013

Something Completely Different

OK peeps, I won't give up blogging at this moment in time.  I really do enjoy it and I wouldn't want to upset my fans! Even if they're only in my head......

My last post I told you I was trying to do better manis.  Well I think this one is way outside anything I've ever done and get this-NO FUNKY!  Can you believe it?  To me it looks undone, not finished without it but I will get used to it I suppose.  I'm not going to say never again to the funky, but right now I'm experimenting with other things.

I saw a design on Instagram and knew it was something I could put my own spin on. So that's what today's mani is all about.  I got a lot of compliments on it at work.

Last week really sucked for me. I spent most of the week sick with a cold then a migraine with lingering headaches.  Why is it so difficult to be a woman sometimes? Yup that's why I had a bad week.  Sometimes Aunt Flo stays and is a beeyotch to deal with.  We've all been there and if you haven't, you're damn lucky.

All right that was probably TMI for the world but let's get real people.  You should know that I talk about what ever comes to my mind when I sit down at my computer. This is just what happened to spill out!

Let's see the silly bottle shot shall we?

This is Lime Crime Milky Ways, Contrary Polish Blood Orange, Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconoclast and on top, Bettina Giacinto.

To the person out there who creates Contrary Polish?  You freakin rock!  I want you to know that your polish is absolutely stunning and I want to be your swatcher!

I started with the three colors for the base.  Here is that step.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite
OMG!  This Blood Orange is a stunner.  One of my all time fave reds at this point in time.  Now once again like last post, I was so intent on the design I forgot to take pictures of the steps.  I freehanded this design, I tried to use tape but was just a failure at it.

Here are the results.  The sun pictures I took the next day.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite




Close Up

So what do you think?  My very first non funky french mani ever.  To me, this looked weird on my nails, but I did grow to really like it.  I love how the Blood Orange glows in the sun.  Simply stunning!

Are you excited by my new designs?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?