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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gone Dotty

Today I decided I needed to try something new.  I had seen my BFFs tutorial on how to make your own decals and thought I'm going to try that right now.  It actually came out pretty well, but the base color I had chosen didn't go with the decal I had created.  I ended up not using it, but at least now I know it's doable.

The premise is you stamp the design but leave it on the stamper.  When that is dry, you color in the design, add a layer of top coat, let that dry, peel it off and put it on your nail.  I used my nail art pens and I was worried that I would ruin my stamper if I nicked it with my pen so I was kind of scared of that.  It came out pretty cool but I wasn't thinking when I did the coloring and it didn't go with the base color.

So the idea I started with is not what I ended up with.

Here are the decals I did make.

They did come out really cool.  Now that I know I can do this, I'm definitely going to try this again.

Here is the silly bottle shot and now you can tell why they didn't go together.

Oh did I forget to mention it's a Bettina fest?  Plus I just realized I've used Purple two posts in a row.  This is Bettina 15, Aqua, Green, Mandarin, Orange, Purple and Yellow.  Love the simple names.  I can't wait to see their Fall colors!!!!

I started with Orange and an accent of Mandarin.  Here are the starting shots.

Ott Lite

Indoor Light

Ott Lite

Indoor Light
Even though these are not neons, it sure did freak my camera out!.  Next I dotted with all the remaining colors.  Here is that step.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite
Pretty cool so far!  I finished this off with my funky using Aqua. Here are the results.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite

Close Up

Yes dammit, somehow I got another damn cat hair in my nail and didn't see it until too late!  I'm going to have to ban them from the polish area!!!

Definitely check out Spellbinding Nails Tutorial and make your own decals.  It's really fun and pretty easy to do.  I will have to try this again.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?