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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Verde lucido è il mio amore

Isn't that a great title?  Are you confused? Trust me, I always have a reason for my madness! Read on!

I did a huge massive swap with Simona of Light Your Nails. I just received my package the other day and immediately fell in love with Italian polish! I'm talking brands like Kiko, Collistar, BeYu and Layla.  Stuff I'd never be able to get my hands on if it weren't for Simona!  Thank you my dear!

Oh the choices I had to make! What to wear first.  I decided on Kiko.  The bummer is, these colors have no names only numbers.  I hate that! I chose 02 and 349 to use first.  Can you tell what colors they are? Of course not, they're numbers!

Here's your silly bottle shot.

On the left is 02, the right 349. 02 is a steely dark green and 349 is a light sage green.  They are resting on XL plate B which I used for this mani.

I started with 02.  The formula is very nice on these.  The brush is a little stiff so I had to be careful not to get drag marks.  Here are your shots.




It's not an in your face obvious green.  It's got a lot of steel grey in it.  I think it's lovely. I then stamped with 349, did some doodling with my art pens and topped it off with a 349 funky french.  Are you ready?  Here it is.





Close Up

What do you think?  I didn't want to totally cover up the pretty green base color.  Not sure I'm loving the brown lines.  I couldn't draw them straight so that's why I didn't do the whole design with it.  I do love these two greens together.

So another green and brown mani for you! You know how much I love those two colors. Hence the title which means "Green polish is my love."  Make sure and check out Simona's blog.  It's awesome.

See I told you there was a reason for my madness!  Thoughts out there?