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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another brown has come into my life-

Today I decided I needed another brown day.  My life has been a little stressful lately and I always turn to my soothing brown to comfort me!

I recently got the new Manglaze Santorum so I decided I'd try that one out.  I am not a big matte fan, I always top them with a shiny top coat.  I didn't buy Santorum for the matteness.

First up, we have your silly bottle shot.

This is Orly Au Champagne, Manglaze Santorum and Girly Bits January Morning.  Oh yeah, another post with my Girly Bits! Get used to it!

I started with Santorum.  This could have been a one coater if I was more careful.  The sun was hiding and it just looks black here.  But in real life there are deep shimmers of golds, reds.  It's actually quite pretty.  Here is what I got.




Isn't it pretty?  I know it looks black, but trust me, it's a lovely dark brown.  I then used Au Champagne and Cheeky plate CH6 to stamp the design.  I then added some dots with my art pens, topped it off with my funky french in Au Champagne, covered with January Morning.

The results are really pretty.  I wish the sun would have come out for this!




Close Up

I thought about putting a layer of January Morning over the top of the design, but when I tried it out on my thumb, it just covered up the design too much.  I just love the sparkle from the January Morning.

The only bummer is that this came after my fabulous aquarium nails.  It's like a let down to me that I couldn't top that one!  Plus, this Santorum is a PITA to remove.  Big time PITA!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?