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Friday, February 10, 2012

Damn this one's good!

With a title like that, it seems I have a lot to live up to or I'm just so full of myself that I can't stand it.  I will let you guys decide if this mani is worth this title or not.

Seems I just can't get enough of Pam's Girly Bits polish.  I only skipped one mani from three posts in a row.  Think that's some kind of new record for me. I am seriously in love.  Plus this mani is so cool, I may never take it off.

Really you ask?  Well of course not-we are polish addicts are we not? Of course I'll be changing my polish faster than normal people would believe it!

You ready? Here's your required silly bottle shot.

Did I forget to mention that this is a mostly Franken mani? No? Damn! Here we have Girly Bits January Morning, Bettina Aqua and Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum.

Now you all know, I am not a glitter fan.  If you look closely, you will see glitter in that Expecto Patronum.  Did I fall and hit my head?  Nope-I just saw this polish on another blog and just had to have it.  I started with this polish.  It's a creamy super light aqua base with aqua shimmer and glitter.  Swoon.  I didn't use underwear for this, but next time I will.  I had to do really thick layers to get opacity.  Next time, I'd do a plain white base first.  The sun was hiding for this part.  Here are your shots.



As you can see, this is clearly not a glitter bomb.  That's why I like it.  It's different and unique.  Very cool in my opinion.  I certainly didn't fish out the glitter to add to my nails either!

I then took Bettina Aqua and stamped with my new DRK-A plate from Brazil.  This is one amazing plate let me tell you.  I will be doing a lot of posts with this sucker.  I then added some dots with my art pens, did my funky french with the Aqua and topped it off with a layer of January Morning.

Of course, my camera ruins the beauty of the Aqua.  Shows it way too blue.  This is a true blue green aqua in real life.  I just ordered a new camera so hopefully that will fix this color problem I'm having!  January Morning is a stunning, glistening white shimmer so much prettier than Essie Pure Pearlfection.  It is described as the sparkle you get from a crisp cold layer of snow on a January Morning.  I specifically bought more white polish just to wear this with!  Stay tuned for that.

Are you ready for awesomesauce?  The sun came out just for this-so you know it's gonna be good!





Close Up

Do you see that shimmer?  That's the January Morning.  It is simply stunning.  I am loving this mani.  Am particularly proud of how good this one came out.  Sometimes I really do some good stuff right?

Now it's your turn.  Does this mani deserve the title "damn this one's good?"

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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