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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

These 8 inches give me google eyes-

Oh yeah people-I said EIGHT INCHES!!!  Ponder amongst yourselves for a moment.......

Now be honest-how many of you out there have dirty minds and think I'm talking about a penis?? I know I would if I saw that title!! But alas, I am not so lucky!!

My parents visited me last weekend and surprised me with a new 40" flat screen TV.  It replaced the very old school flat screen but not skinny 32" TV that was a hand me down. There's your eight inches you dirty minded people!  You see, I watch A LOT of TV and I think my parents were feeling sorry for me and decided I needed an upgrade.  So Santa came early this year!! I must say this thing rocks!! I am waiting for the dude to come and hook me up with a high def DVR so the picture should be even better.  So I want to say a very public THANK YOU to my mom and dad!! I love you!!!!

So now on to the google eye part.  Today we have a Julep blue fest.  I have Michelle and Amy.  Say hello Michelle and Amy.......

Isn't it funny how you see my reflection taking these pictures?? High def is amazing!!! I have told you before that I leave my Christmas lights up year round. So my new TV has been decorated!!

Michelle is a dark blue creme while Amy is a light blue creme.  The formula on Amy was a bit thick and goopy.  I really wish Julep would change their bottles. It makes for really tough application.  I tipped over the bottle twice while I was using it.  They are both very pigmented and you could get away with one coat. Here are your indoor and outdoor shots.




Aren't they pretty?? Of course, I couldn't just leave them like that right? So I stamped with XL plate B and my funky french and voila-google eyes.





Close Up

Don't they look like eyes to you? Maybe not close up but from a distance I think it does.

Any thoughts out there in blog land?

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