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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hell Hath Frozen Over

Those of you who are regulars to my blog know damn well that I don't do pink or glitter.  And yes I like it that way!  But recently I came across a glitter that has put a twinkle in my eye.  I don't see myself ever becoming a glitter convert but I am loving this particular one.

Now before we get there you must endure the boring story, or just skip to the pictures, I'll never know!  Ever since I have started blogging, I have met some really great people.  Recently, I received a surprise package in the mail.  When I opened it, it was one of the polishes I had commented on on another blog.  A color that I said I really wanted.  Well this person saw that and got it for me!

I'm talking about Iris at Polish Amor.  She was so sweet to see my comment and get me that polish.  It is Kleancolor Metallic Green.  No this is NOT a glitter-we will get to it in a bit!  Then Iris and I were emailing and I told her about the glitter I was lemming and she was nice enough to add me to her group order because this glitter is so popular and sought after that it's hard to come by.

Have you figured it out yet??  I'll let the silly bottle shot tell you-

Oh yeah, that's Lynnderella Connect the Dots!!  Yes this was taken in a tree! And it is the first glitter that I have actually liked and wanted to own.  I cannot explain why.  I know I love black and white together-just look at my blog design!  So my first time wearing a glitter is dedicated to my friend Iris!  I told her that I had a special mani in mind, but she had no idea that I was dedicating this post to her! So SURPRISE!!

First up, I am starting with Metallic Green.  This is my first time trying a Kleancolor polish as well.  I really hadn't heard of this brand before and have no idea where to even buy it.  But I have been seeing it around on the blogs and am glad to get to try it.  Here are your outdoor shots.

Stupid me totally spaced on the indoor shots.  Just how long have I been doing this blog? DUH! Then I messed up my nail getting the silly bottle shot so I hope you appreciate my dedication. I am not one to redo a mani.  Once it's on there, unless it's polish change day, forget about it!  I knew I'd be putting polish on top to cover up the ding.


Isn't this pretty?  I just love a good sparkly green apple green!  Just makes me happy!  Next, I played with Connect the Dots glitter.  This has the most stunning hidden shimmer that just makes it that much better.  Lynnderella is a genius!!  Then I topped it off with my funky french in Orly Liquid Vinyl.  I didn't want to detract from the pretty glitter with a stamp on my first time.  But stay tuned, Iris got me two bottles to play with!!  Here are the results.





Close Up

So yes, Hell hath frozen over, my blog now has a glitter on it.  Don't start getting any ideas that you're gonna see pink now!!  I want to say a special thank you to Iris for making this post happen.  Both of these polishes I would never have had if it weren't for her. Thank you so much.  You are awesome!

I now know what it means when people say glitter sucks up top coat.  I have three layers on and it's still bumpy.  Will add another layer in the morning.  I wonder how awful it will be to remove this glitter?

I also think I have figured out why I don't like glitter. It's the randomness of the design.  I am Type A Anal OCD all the way.  I like things perfect, aligned and in order.  Probably why I like stamping so much.  The patterns are not random like glitter is.  This Connect the Dots is the one exception for me.  I just love it!!

So are you loving this mani?  Are you over your shock that I actually found a glitter I like?