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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feelin' Phallic

I have for you today my new favorite blue of all time. This blue has surpassed my love of Essie Aruba Blue, Midnight Cami, China Glaze Calypso Blue and even RBL Dead Calm.  And it has a great name to boot.

Can you guess?  Oh yeah, here it comes-it's Illamasqua Phallic.  I just love this name.  My mind lives in the gutter at all times.  And I had to get this polish just for the name.  Little did I know that this color was going to change my life forever.  Come on, a polish can't really change your life but it can make you a little happier can't it?

You know how it goes, first we have the required silly bottle shot.

Isn't that a great bottle shot? It's the only one I did that captured the true color of Phallic in the bottle.

Now Phallic is a deep dark blue with the most beautiful light blue shimmer I've ever seen.  The formula on this was incredible.  If I was more careful, I could have gotten away with one coat.  Of course, as with all blues, this stains so please disregard on the macro shots!  Here are your indoor and outdoor shots.




Isn't that the most beautiful blue you've ever seen?  I am so in love with this shimmer and this blue.  I actually think the shimmer in this was similar to OPI Swimsuit-Nailed It so that's what I used to stamp with. That and XL plate B and my funky french.  Again, please disregard the smurf hands!!





Close up

Isn't this stunning?  I just think this OPI goes beautifully with Phallic.  I only dread the removal-both of these blues stain horribly!

I also want to share something cool that happened to me lately.  I got an email that a website in the UK chose my blog as one of 50 best nail art blogs.  I did not solicit this, and I actually told them about other blogs that should have been on the list instead of mine but they were insistent that they love my blog. If you want to see the list, click here.  I also was asked to put their badge on my blog and you can see that on the right side bar.

I am very excited that people out there are actually liking what I am doing!  It's really an honor to be on this list especially next to the other great blogs they chose.

So thoughts on Phallic?  Thoughts on the UK blog list?  Anything?