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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow

Yesterday I was out in the yard raking like a mad man.  It was only 47F out but the sun was shining and I had gotten a wild hair up my butt to go work outside.  I had told myself I wanted to clean up the front yard area under the trees that are there.  There are so many branches and layers of leaves that I have NEVER raked up in my fifteen years of living in my house.  So it was time.

I told myself that the trees will be able to breathe better without all that crap on the ground at the roots.  Of course this is not true, as trees survive in the woods without anyone raking, but it's what I like to think.  I did the same thing years ago to my backyard tree and I like to think it's a much happier tree.  Since I did it to my back tree, it's way easier to just rake up the leaves from that Fall.

It's hardest the first time as you're raking up years of stuff.  I got more raked up than I thought I would in the hour I allotted for this project yesterday.  But then I thought to myself, sh*t, I wish I had someone to now take all these piles of leaves back to my woods behind my house to dump.

I got my tarp and just piled on the leaves then dragged it up my front yard to my back yard to the woods behind my house.  It was heavy and hard for me to do and I ended up doing three trips of the full tarp and still have a ton of piles in the front yard to pick up.

Trust I wore myself out big time.

One day later this week, I'll need to go out and finish what I started.  Dammit. It'll look a lot nicer once it's done for sure.  Then I'll need to rake the front yard at some point as I haven't done that yet and it's not good for the grass to leave the stuff there.

Ah the joys of home ownership.

I just can't believe I've lived here fifteen years so far.  I does not seem like it's been that long.  I won't be here forever.  I'm just here for now.  And now has turned into fifteen years.  I had a random realtor call me the other day as I had tried to sell my house back in 2008 to move to Vermont but the housing market had crashed at that time.

Dude asked me if I still wanted to sell my house.  Don't you think I'd still have a for sale sign out front? For right now, I can't move as my job's health insurance is way too good to give up.  But if my family needs me, I'll be there no matter what.

One big project I want to save for is to fix the ceiling of my front porch.  It's a horrible mess with big paint chips etc.  I've paid three times to paint it but the issue is, they put inside drywall on the outside ceiling so the moisture is not letting the paint stick.  I haven't gotten an estimate yet as I'm afraid of what it will cost.

But I think I need to know as I just can't stand to look at it and there is a risk of black mold that is not good for your health.  My poor neighbor literally had mushrooms growing out of her bathroom wall next to her toilet as there was a hidden leak and eventually, mushrooms.

Can you imagine???? Sitting there on the throne, looking over and mushrooms are growing.  I'd freak out big time over that sh*t.

OK enough rambling.  Today we have an oldie but a damn goodie in my book.  RBL Diddy Mow.


I love this color.  It's my kind of fugly.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?