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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Ah yes, another Bettina is coming your way-but with an indie brand new to me.  I was asked to do a post specifically using Clair, since my last post using it really didn't show it's true prettiness.

I cannot believe it's almost March already!  Where the hell is the time going?  My daffodils are already coming up-isn't it early for them?  I feel like I always do living in Virginia, that I don't get enough cold and snow.  Someday maybe I'll live in a place that knows what winter is all about.

After March comes April-my birthday month.  Last year, I did a huge blowout of a giveaway.  I really haven't thought about whether I'll do that this year or not.  I do know that I'm going to be 45 and that's getting a little too close to 50 for my taste.  Did I tell you that Too Busy Guy is only 11 days older than me?  He's an Aries and I'm a Taurus.  I believe in that stuff and it seems that those two signs are pretty compatible, so I'm happy about that.  My BFF is 8 days older than me.  He's also an Aries-we've been BFFs since we were 7 so I think that tells me that Aries men and Taurus women can get along well for a long time.

Anywho, on to today's Springlike mani.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Contrary Polish Play Me, Bettina Clair and Contrary Polish Ain't No Sunshine.  I have seen this brand before, but it was always sold out and I finally got my hands on some!  Stay tuned for more of this brand!

I started with Clair and an accent of Ain't.  I'm told Ain't is similar, but not quite like Illamasqua Raindrops.  Since I've been lemming Raindrops, but am seriously on a no buy, this works for me.

Here are the starting shots.  Again without the sun.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite
Clair is a gorgeous light tan creme, the color of a gorgeous sandy beach.  Since I didn't get to do my yearly Myrtle Beach trip this year, this will have to do.  Ain't is a dusky cornflower blue with white flakies.  I thought the flakies would go well with Clair.

Next I added dots, trying to make flowers, and added a glequin in the center of each flower.  I used all three colors for this step. I also tried a dotted funky, like I saw on Chalkboard Nails the other day.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite
The blue dots make up the flowers, am thinking the purple kinds of makes it all a jumble. But I was trying to make my first flower dots.  I see so many people doing such cool designs using dots, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

I finished this off with my funky using Play Me, which is a gorgeous purple with blue green shimmer.  I swear the colors I bought from Contrary Polish seem to have Selkie infused throughout.  You all know how much I love my Selkie!!!

Here are the results.

Ott Lite

Ott Lite

Close Up

How cool is this?  Reminds me of Easter.  I am all sorts of pastel lovin lately aren't I? Need to pull out the Vamp to get back to my roots!!!  If only the sun would come out, I have holos to play with!

Do you believe in horoscopes and astrology?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?